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A bioreactor landfill operates to rapidly transform and degrade organic waste. The increase in waste degradation and stabilization is bioreactoraccomplished through the addition of liquid and air to enhance microbial processes.  By efficiently designing and operating a landfill, the life of a landfill can be extended by as much as 20 years.



landfill flare
A gas extraction well at the Polk County Bioreactor in Florida

The development and maintenance of this web site is sponsored by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the   U. S. Environmental Protection Agency.  The Florida Bioreactor Demonstration Project is funded by the Florida Legislature through the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.


Final report available

Designed as a rearch project for a single landfill (New River Regional Landfill), four other county landfills (Alachua, Highlands,Polk, and Volusia) have picked up the mantle to continue toresearchthe benefits and practicality of bioreactor technology. The executive summary provides a brief overview of past and current activities. To view the entire final report, click here for the table of contents.


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Bioreactorlandfill.org's mission is to provide information on this 'new' form of waste management to the world. Our goal is to link global bioreactor projects and provide information to countries around the world.






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