Appendix H

Bioreactor Workshops

Florida Center for Solid and Hazardous Waste Management
Bioreactor Landfill Workshop
April 19 – 20, 2004
Gainesville Florida


Slides Prepared by:  Timothy Townsend (University of Florida), Debra Reinhart (University of Central Florida) and Mary Nogas (Florida Department of Environmental Protection, NE District).

Presentation Slides

Section 1.  Overview of Bioreactor Landfills
Section 2.  Moisture Management at Bioreactor Landfills
Section 3.  Overview of New River Regional Landfill Bioreactor Project
Section 4.  Bioreactor Instrumentation and Process Control
Section 5.  Bioreactor Landfill Design
Section 6.  Management of Gas at Bioreactor Landfills
Section 7.  Regulatory Issues
Section 8.  Closure and Post-Closure Issues
Section 9.  The Future of Bioreactor Landfills
Section 10.  Overview of Alachua County SW Landfill Bioreactor


The Status of Bioreactor Landfill Research in Florida
Presented by Timothy G. Townsend

Bioreactor Landfill Workshop
May 25-26, 2006
Orlando, Florida


Workshop Materials

Introductory Slides
Florida Bioreactor Overview
Bioreactor Workshop Agenda
Bioreactor Workshop Presentations
Bioreactor Workshop Participant List
Design and Operations
Instrumentation and Monitoring
Polk Tour Overview
Workshop Invitation
Workshop Survey


Supplementary Reading
Reprints of several recent papers are included for reference.


Note:  The materials presented in this course should not be reproduced without the permission of the Center and the presenters.